“Things to consider”

Firstly are there any BATS?

It is illegal to not only treat timbers if you feel there may be bats present but also if you knowingly disturb them. Please contact your local council for your nearest advisor or ask us at Abate.

Have any damp problems been addressed?

Have all the timbers been brushed down? Vacuumed?
Are they dry?

Have all the obstructions been removed or rolled up out of the way such as old dusty loft insulation?

Are there any items in a loft that do not need to be there during treatment?

Are the water tanks and electrics covered?

Are the beams safe to walk on? Do you need crawling or scaffold boards to stand on?

Safe and thorough treatments

During any treatment stage it is important that correctly trained and skilled staff are used who have the knowledge in specialist timber treatments. This would include wearing the correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), safety clothing, facemasks etc.

Our service technicians are trained and skilled to advise on all best practices prior to any commencement of work and are rigorous in their working methods before any insecticides are used.

Spraying or pasting insecticides in confined spaces

Treating with such chemicals in confined spaces such as loft and voids can be potentially fatal! There are both short and long term risks if you do not know what you are doing, so please be aware of the hazards and risks if you are thinking of DIY or helping a friend or family to reduce costs.

Most insecticides will attack and damage the nervous system if inhaled or absorbed with irreversible effects.

Abate take away all these risks and concerns by managing the whole process of treatment for you. We would check for bats, hazards, cover up any items at risk; electrics, water tanks etc. We use the correct and safe PPE such as full face respirators and breathing equipment. We ensure someone knows where the Abate technician is working at all times during treatment having emergency numbers to hand.

Warning notices should be fixed to points of entry if it is a void property stating what has been used, date of application, who carried it out and when it is safe to enter.

As a recap, we assess and survey prior to any treatments. We will explain methods of application and length of time the work will be. Full site risk assessments and method statements are supplied prior to work starting. All work is guaranteed with peace of mind knowing the job is in safe hands.