“Common Woodworm / Furniture Beetle”


Common Furniture Beetle (anobium punctatum) and other wood-boring insects.

  • We offer specialist skills to deal with your woodworm problems
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These beetles can be quite small in size and often mistaken for various other weevils or stored product insect pests.

They need moisture and humidity within timbers and structures generally preferring softer woods such as pine.

They have a life cycle of approx 2-5 years before emerging as adults from their flight holes which can be 1-2mm in size. They usually appear around May / June time and are most active during the summer months depending on the various climate changes in the UK.

Woodworm are often found in garages that have a timber supporting frame for a flat or apexed roof and also inside many domestic dwellings. They are more likely to be accidentally introduced to a property by other contaminated timber, canes and planks of wood or old furniture.

We have seen treated timbers that have dried out over decades that are no longer protected against wood boring insects and we at Abate quite often treat timbers that have not had any sightings for 20, 30 or even 40 years. Accidental introduction of other timber or furniture is the most common cause.

Whichever type of beetle may be involved, the principles in treating woodworm are very much the same. Once the beetle has been identified and if the Abate surveyor has established that the infestation is active, the extent of the problem can be assessed. We then decide on the best plan of action and course of insecticidal treatment necessary. All woodworm treatments are designed to disrupt one of the beetles life cycle stages.

Although they are seen quite often in modern domestic dwellings they are also found in old barn conversions, listed buildings, churches and other historic architecture of all ages and sizes.

You may need a survey report for a number of reasons:

  • to establish the level of pest activity within a property
  • for purchasing a property
  • for insurance reasons

Should you need a typed report then Abate can offer this service.

We would firstly send out a qualified surveyor to look at the problem and then we would produce an in-depth typed report of the findings, risks and best plans of action to treat the property. This type of report comes with a charge – please speak to a member of the Abate staff to gain a quotation

We do not charge for the report should Abate carry out the work.